YouTube Offers Free Service to Nonprofits

Posted on 21 March 2012

In a move that highlights the inevitable integration of philanthropy and social media, YouTube announced that it is offering free live streaming services to nonprofits.

Like the examples of corporate philanthropy we discussed earlier this week, this move was likely inspired by YouTube’s bottom line rather than their desire to do good (YouTube’s competitor, ustream, has a similar product), but the impact is a positive one nonetheless.

Through lack of resources and dated communications practices, many nonprofits have yet to embrace social media as a tool through which they can reach their donors and prospects. A strong online presence should not be a final goal in itself. However, it needs to be part of a nonprofit’s communications plan as more and more people migrate to social media to learn, discuss, and connect with others regarding the issues that are important to them.

Our society is online, and they are increasingly connected through social media. Nonprofits cannot afford to sit on the sidelines in this respect. They must reach out to their constituents where they are, and communicate with their donors and prospects in the most effective manner possible.

YouTube’s new offering shows how philanthropy is intertwined with other areas of society: nonprofits aren’t utilizing social media enough; YouTube has a way to address that while helping their brand; and the public at large now has another communications channel through which they can connect with the nonprofit world.

If you want to use YouTube’s new service for your nonprofit, here’s the tutorial on how to get started:

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